The infrastructure people… this is who we are

A business without people isn’t a business. It’s just an empty building, perhaps home to some expensive equipment, some cutting edge technology, or even a bit of intellectual property.

At Pensar, the focus has always been on people. Recruiting and employing good people, clever people, technical experts with different skill sets. Together, we are The Infrastructure People, providing best practice industry solutions for our clients.

Launching the Pensar business 20 years ago, the intent was never to build a giant monolith or achieve global domination. The aspirations hinged on a quiet curiosity – how could we do things differently? How could we do them a little better? What we set about building was an amalgam of professional people, a multi-disciplinary offering bonded by a common framework of certain ethics and values. One team, one dream. Not just the ‘what’, but also the ‘how’.

Two decades down the track, there have been many remarkable achievements and huge infrastructure projects that have contributed significantly to the changing face of South-East Queensland and beyond. But there have also been stumbles, even the odd fall, where quiet reflection has been required. The infrastructure landscape can be challenging. Cuts and bruises are commonplace. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go again!

The Pensar story does not point to perfection. It points to people striving to be better today than they were yesterday. And better again tomorrow.

Not just any people, but clever, hardworking people.

Infrastructure people.